On July 1, 1959, the Lanao del Norte Constabulary Command was first activated pursuant to Section 11, General Order Number 572, General Headquarters, Armed Forces of the Philippines dated June 29,1959. The organization of the Lanao del Norte Constabulary Command was placed under a test of its affectivity and given time to prove its worth of existence dawning of Muslim secessionism which set the island in the grip of terror. The Lanao del Norte Provincial Command was reorganized pursuant to the Directive from the Headquarters Philippine Constabulary dated 10 February 1969, making the 105th PC Coy as Station 1, 107th PC Coy as Station 3, 73rd PC Coy as Station 4 118th PC Coy as Station 5 and unfilled Station 2 at Kauswagan, Lanao del Norte. However, the re-organization was found out later not responsive that it had to revert its old set-up. Setting up units the Provincial Headquarters and the 444th PC Coy based in Iligan City, 441st PC Coy at Salvador, Lanao del Norte. Listed below are names of Provincial Commanders with Lanao del Norte Constabulary Command covering its period 1959 to 1982 as follows:

01 July 1959- Lt. Col. Antonio Gacia, PC
12 July 1960- Lt. Col. Crisanto Navarro, PC
20 April 1962- Major Malimit Limpa, PC
18 September 1963- Major Benjamin Berenger, PC
01 January 1965- Lt. Col. Artemio Sapidol, PC
18 April 1965- Lt Col. Salvador Oliveros, PC
16 January 1966- Lt Col. Leopoldo Malilin, PC
06 January 1968- Major Moises Jemines, PC
16 January 1968- Major Samoan Afdal, PC
19 July 1968- Major Serafin Gacia, PC
16 November 1968-Major Presbeterio Sotilano, PC
22 February 1969- Major Presbeterio Sotilano, PC
24 January 1969- Major Samoan Afdal, PC
05 August 1969- Major Felipe Carreon, PC
24 December 1969- Major Luba Saranggani, PC
24 April 1970- Major Mitukil Lamaping, PC
06 November 1970- Lt Col. Faustino Villanueva, PC
14 December 1970- Major Mitukil Lamaping, PC
07 January 1971- Major Sambulawan Pangandaman, PC
07 August 1971 – Lt. Col. Jim Bangcula, PC
26 March 1972 – Lt. Col. Jose Castillo, PC
26 January 1973 – Lt. Col Ramon Banaglorioso, PC
01 November 1974 – Lt. Col. Cesar Nasareno, PC
15 May 1977 – Lt. Col. Jesus Hermosa, PC
30 April 1978 – Col. Alberto de Castro, PC

To address the precarious peace and order problem in highly urbanized cities, Metropolitan District Commands were created nationwide with nine (9) highly urbanized cities including Iligan City as the center of gravity on January 1, 1983. Thus the birth of ILIGAN METROPOLITAN DISTRICT COMMAND (ILIMDISCOM) comprising the Iligan City Police Station, Linamon Police Station, Tagoloan Police Station and Iligan Fire Station as separate and district command independent of Lanao del Norte PC/INP Command. In April 1991, the Iligan Metropolitan District Command was further expanded with inclusion of the following stations under its control: Panatao Ragat, Matungao and Balo-i Police Station all of Lanao del Norte PC/INP Command. A year later, the Kauswagan Police Station of Lanao del Norte was also absorbed to form part of the ILIMDISCOM. Even with the expansion of its area of responsibility, the command managed to tackle its job and succeeded in enhancing the peace and order climate in its area of jurisdiction. Enumerated hereunder is the list of District Commanders assigned with ILIMDISCOM covering the period from January 1, 1983 to June 30, 1994 as follows:

01 January 1983 – Col. Alberto de Castro, PC
06 November 1983 – Col. Ricardo Trinidad, PC
06 December 1984 – Lt. Col. Robeerto Cuyos, PC
26 October 1986 – Lt. Col. Margarito, Uy, PC
04 November 1987 – Lt. Col. Gadeya Cayongcat, PC
08 May 1989 – Lt. Col. Jose Suria, PC
22 May 1990 – Lt. Col. Reynor Gonzales, PC
22 June 1992 – PSUPT Porcawa Dia, PC
30 June 1994 – SUPT Julmunier Jubail, PC

The Iligan City Police Command was activated on July 1, 1994 with Police Superintendent Julmunier Jubail (DSC) as the first City Director. Its activation came about after the Iligan Metropolitan District Command was ordered to be deactivated by the National Police Commission through the General Headquarters of the Philippine National Police, pursuant to Section 1, General Order Number 107 dated 30 June 1994

The three (3) Police Precinct and one (1) Mobile Force Company failed to meet the desire of the populace to solve the petty crimes in some areas in Iligan City. Then City Director created two (2) Police Precincts in addition to three precincts wherein the Precincts number 4 was placed at Tambacan, Iligan City while the precinct 5 was placed at Poblacion, Iligan City pursuant to resolution of Sangguniang Panlungsod of Iligan City.

NAPOLCOM Resolution Number 95-058 dated October 1, 1996 Memo Circular read DPC-96-01, NHQ PNP dated September 12, 1996, renaming Iligan City Police Command to read as Iligan City Police Office covering the period October 1, 1996 to present as follows:

20 January 10997 – SUPT PORFERIO CORPUS
18 January 1999 – SUPT ROGELI NUÑEZA
28 February 2000 – PSUPT ROGELIO NUÑEZA